Luxury property development from Roche Barrett Estates.

It has been widely reported that house prices have increased by up to 300% in desirable parts of Britain over the last 10 years whilst the prices for residential land have increased by a staggering eight-fold over the last 20 years.

This does indeed confirm that new homes and/or development land deliver a good return in the long term.

Location, location is obviously a prerequisite but the property must also be unique with plenty of individual or local character.

With the rising population in the British Isles, longer life expectancy, more people wanting to be independent of marriage, more single people wanting their own homes coupled with hard to reach short and long term government housing targets, we believe that the future for new homes and development land investments is bright in the long term.

Like any markets, there are inevitable adjustments from time to time, but history does suggest that desirable homes and development land do tend to deliver a good return in the long term.

We believe that investments should very seldom be made based on just getting rich very quickly without proper foresight and due diligence. We also believe that you should be in it for the long term, thus steering a steady ship over many years in order to truly profit from your investments.

A unique and well presented home or development land will always be well placed to beat the competition in both difficult and vertical markets and this is the corner stone of the philosophy at Roche Barrett Estates.

We also believe that desirable homes should not only be works of art and thus pleasing to the eye but they should also provide all of the creature comforts that a modern family need in order to meet their enjoyment, personal wellbeing, safety and security needs...

A new home should be your castle regardless of the architectural style and we believe that build quality and creature comforts should never be compromised.

The modern new home should not only be technologically advanced without the complicated fuss but it should also be more energy efficient than second-hand homes of a similar size.

A dream home is not just about making money but it is reassuring to know that you have one of the best in class investments when you do indeed decide to trade up or down.

*10 good reasons why you should invest in a new creation from Roche Barrett Estates:-

  1. A passionate desire to be best in class in terms of design and specification.
  2. More energy efficient than old second-hand homes of a similar size.
  3. Created by award winning architects and built by environment professionals.
  4. Technologically advanced.
  5. Within easy reach of transportation network and amenities.
  6. Sound investment in the long term.
  7. Best in class locations.
  8. Designed to enhance wellbeing, safety, security and personal enjoyment.
  9. A work of art that should hopefully become a personal embodiment of yourself and your status.
  10. Your dream home.